Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Firm Mission is to continue to enhance and grow our reputation as one of the nation's most respected hospitality management companies.  We will do this by exceeding guest expectations, providing an engaging and supportive work environment, and delivering financial success and opportunities for our employees, our company and our owners & investors


RespectWe value each other, our guests, our business partners, and our environment

HonestyWe are genuine and open in our communication and business practices

Commitment to QualityWe deliver services and products that exceed our guests' expectations

CreativityWe listen, encourage and support different approaches as we continually strive to improve

GrowthWe invest in personal and professional development

TeamworkWe work together towards a shared goal


To be a leading and well respected global hotel company that is fully committed to delivering strong returns to hotel owners, achieving operations excellence in its hotels and creating a memorable experience for its guests. 



Expansion and Growth



  • Expand hotel management business
  • Establish brand presence in key destinations
  • Increase the number of hotels and the number of hotel rooms within and outside Europe, Middle East, in alignment with its 'European Wallet' strategy



Excellence in Management and Operations


  • Consolidate and align its hotel brand portfolio
  • Optimize its revenue generation
  • Efficient deployment of resources to achieve maximum cost benefit