A Personal Message From Mihran Kalaydjian


Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm has 20 years of experience managing hotels and restaurants nationwide. Our talented, passionate team members are skilled at identifying strategic and profitable solutions for clients ranging from convention center hotels to luxury independent hotels and restaurants. We use proprietary technology to deliver excellent results, and we have earned the trust and respect of leading brands by operating with integrity and transparency.


A solid foundation of leadership is one of the most important assets in today's highly competitive industry. At Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting, we believe the key to successful hotel management is not only an understanding of the needs of ownership, but an embodiment of this viewpoint.


From our corporate leaders and professional management teams to our dedicated associates, we are all operators at heart. We are comprised of a group of deeply committed individuals, focused on a practical, positive, and proactive approach as the driving force behind everything we do. This level of dedication to exceed your expectations, while ensuring our associates thrive, enhances the experience and proves that we know leadership as well as we knows hospitality.



Our reputation is built on trust, service and accountability and our clients appreciate our ongoing contribution to their success. Our management team consists of hoteliers who not only have a proven understanding of the hospitality industry but have an unflagging desire to see our clients succeed and prosper.


Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm values innovation, and has broken the hospitality and hotel management industry mold in several ways. From a guest’s initial interaction to the bottom line, we continually exceed our client’s expectations by carefully positioning, aggressively marketing and providing the highest standards to guests and patrons.




Your partnership has enabled us to accomplish great things .Working together with you has motivated and strengthened our capabilities. We remain committed to offering you unmatched superior services through paying attention to detail, developing unique concepts that give your guests memorable experience.


We manage our own hotels and, on a select basis, we offer our services to other owners. It’s our priority to visit the hotels often and become actively engaged with each of our General Managers, because managing hotels is a people business...so we must remain selective in the partnerships that we develop, managing in cities where we travel often.
We measure our success by the quality of our work and the lives we touch along the way, not by the volume of hotels that we manage. I realize that our success is possible only through the efforts of many who help us, and my hope is that the trail behind us is one of friendships built on a foundation of integrity. How we have served our guests, how we have treated our associates and partners, and how we have worked with our communities...that is what is most important.
As we look to the future, we are seeking out partners and places where we can have an impact, add value and serve others. If you would like to know more about what makes us different, give us a call. 

Mihran Kalaydjian


...... Hard work also takes patience, and this something that many people lack when it comes to a vision worth following: they don’t convey to themselves or others that it’s going to be challenging.