The great adventure has just begun

 Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm - Even though we now have a long history under our belt, we believe that our secret lies entirely in the enthusiasm with which we approach every challenge, as if it were the first and most important.



Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm- International has set in place a strong foundation which will take it to its next phase of development. Its strategic blueprint will spearhead its growth and further establish Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm International as a leading and well established International hotel management company. It has a dedicated and experienced senior leadership team who is focused on capitalizing on our strengths and identifying opportunities to ensure the ongoing success of the company. 


We manage our own hotels and, on a select basis, we offer our services to other owners. It’s our priority to visit the hotels often and become actively engaged with each of our General Managers, because managing hotels is a people we must remain selective in the partnerships that we develop, managing in cities where we travel often.             


At Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm, "we go beyond your expectations.” We are a passionately led hotel management company committed to aggressive growth where colleagues flourish, guests return, and hotel owners are rewarded. Our mission is achieved by adhering to fundamental management principles - integrity, excellence, passion, compassion, innovation, and service. The spirit of our business culture is to turn vision into action.


Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting has consistently delivered results for ownership by providing highly competent, professional management services. We realize that people make the difference in the hospitality industry and are committed to staffing our hotels with outstanding service personnel. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting associates strive to provide the highest possible return to investors by approaching each hotel in an innovative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial manner.


Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services and tools tailor-made to each project to ensure maximum return on investment to its owners and investors. Our main focus is on accountability. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting communicates exact steps to all administrative departments to ensure accountability. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Group instructs and mentors your team to, "Inspect What You Expect", to ensure all departments move forward correctly on a daily basis.


Our Mission is to be a superior Hospitality Management Company. This Mission is accomplished by providing quality Products and Services to our guests - through Attention to Detail, Integrity, Pride and Intensity in all we do. This allows us to develop a special relationship with our guests, associates and owners, carving out our niche in the marketplace. These actions across the board result in superior sales and financial performance.


Our mission is to provide, within a positive working environment, superior hotel management services for economically viable properties. To this end, each of us is responsible for providing maximum customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional services and quality products. By meeting and continually striving to exceed our customers' expectations, we will produce the results needed to satisfy and attract investors and continue our individual and corporate growth.


Our Approach: We manage from an owner's perspective because we are owners. We achieve superior returns on investment for each and every property we operate. This is accomplished through our high-touch, hands-on style of management, coupled with a focus on profitability.


Our approach to drive revenue, control costs and achieve high levels of guest and associate satisfaction make owners happy. These results drive superior bottom lines and return on investment. It also drives the value of the assets we manage.


Finally, our culture sets us apart from other hotel management companies. Our culture can be described as a "Do Whatever it Takes" attitude that is evident in our hard-working, service-oriented and passionate staff.


Why Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm? Whether it's reinvigorating an existing property, building a new hotel or providing financial and accounting services; Commonwealth Hotels is a proven partner in providing management services and superior financial results. If you're looking for a long term partner to manage your asset, we invite you to explore our site, and to call on us to discuss your specific property management needs.


We are deeply committed to the growth of Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm International to become a leading and well respected global hotel company and will continue to identify opportunities to enhance our value proposition to our stakeholders-hotel owners, guests and our staff.


At Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Firm, we know hospitality, but that is just the beginning.  With an emphasis on accountability, measurable results, diversity, communication and integrity, our highly-principled approach to hotel management and development is the cornerstone of our success. Our strong service foundation extends through every level of our organization, from sales associates to our seasoned leadership team. Our initial philosophy was to create a work environment and organization where operators were empowered and thrived - today we continue that legacy through our commitment to customer service and associate satisfaction.  


Today, Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm is renowned for providing profitable partnerships, consistent asset appreciation, and significantly higher-than-average employee retention rates. Our thorough and strategic hospitality management solutions result in return guests, motivated staff and flourishing clients.

Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality instills value from the ground up, developing and managing with a sustainable viewpoint and leading-edge technologies, matching ingenuity and quality with intelligent, hands-on involvement to ensure long-term profitability and a superior guest experience, both for hotels it owns and hotels it successfully operates on behalf of others. Success is achieved through hard work, integrity and transparency—all critical components of the relationship with MK Hospitality’s owners and investment partners.