Asset & Oversight Management

Maximize Quality, Profit and Value


The market changes every day. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm provides stability.


You've heard that the present economic landscape is ominous, unprecedented, uncertain. We assure you it is not impassible.




The goal of asset management is to advise a client on the market, operations and financial management of a hotel to help maintain or improve its value. The client might be the owner of the property, a lender or other interested party. We work for the client by seeking opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position and physical attributes of a hotel or resort and monitoring the on-site property manager (individual or Management Company) on a regular basis for operating performance and maintenance of this valuable asset.


How We Do It - Focused Attention to Detail


  • We maximize the interest level of your Operator and productivity levels of the property's staff so as to increase cash flow.
  • We work to maintain and improve the physical condition of your hotel by monitoring physical maintenance activities and the proper completion of capital expenditure projects in order to see that funds are spent effectively.
  • We help you develop and communicate your goals for the property to the Operator and subsequently encourage their achievement by reviewing, in detail, your Operator's efforts towards achieving these goals.
  • We seek cost-effective ways to maximize value including re-positioning, expansion, adaptive re-use of spaces, remodeling, refinancing and reviews of other revenue opportunities and costs of ownership.


Your Need. Our Commitment


We're ready to listen and respond with services tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Examples of our satisfied clients include:

  • Individual and institutional investors
  • Owner/operators
  • Governments, universities and related entities
  • Lenders and special services
  • Law firms and family offices

Our Asset Management Services Include:

  • Contract compliance
  • Concise reporting
  • Bench-marking & best practices
  • Workout strategy & development
  • Operational reviews
  • Re-positioning analysis
  • Site selection & analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Development services
  • Facilities recommendations
  • Exit & disposition strategies
  • CapEx & operations budgeting
  • Brand & management selection/negotiation
  • Loss & business interruption negotiations

Other Services

  • Hotel management
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Market plans
  • Market overviews
  • Expert witness
  • Operational consulting

Things Change


Many factors influence when a client may be forced to examine market position, financial structure, operating policies or management of a hotel. Competitors with modern technology, aggressive marketing or changing brand affiliations put pressure on owners and lenders to reexamine their situation. Rising remodeling costs make it more important to maintain a hotel or motel at its best. Without good oversight management, the equity and reputation built up over the years may diminish rapidly. More importantly, the value of the property does not achieve its maximum potential so cash returns from either operations or a sale may not reach the owner's goals.


Insurance Worth the Price


Through recommendations to improve the physical facility, increase revenue growth, and provide consistent quality of service, and reviewing the market strategy and expense controls, efforts are made to enhance the value of the asset. The property is visited on a regularly scheduled basis for inspections and consultations with management personnel on ongoing operations, marketing, and the implementation of suggested changes made during previous visits.


Written reports regarding property visits and meetings with corporate and on-site management are submitted as appropriate. Additionally, written comment is provided to the owner as a follow-up on reports from the Operator and their staff. These follow-up reports include an analysis and critique of the financial statements.



Asset management provides an independent perspective on the hotel and insures owners or lenders that their interests are being addressed.